Curating is a way to bring together diverse experiences into one single concept. It is more a set of questions than a set of answer regarding one topic. There are usually many approaches regarding one single theme by several artists. However, the “curator” attempts to create a homogenous whole, that at the same time is diverse. Although this seems contradictory the role of the “curator” is to bring these contradiction to light.

Documenting is a way of presenting a fraction of the reality that surrounds us though an understandable medium. Since there are many different “realities” the documentation is also a synthesis of these realities.

Political engagement 

Political engagement is a form of active participation in societal issues. To be politically engaged does not necessarily mean to be politically correct. Awareness, sensitivity and understanding are important aspects of political engagement and involvement in the common affairs of a community. It usually aims to affect social change or to stimulate participation and eventually to form a collective political identity.