by Rebecca

Curating – Prior to APP, I never would consider calling myself a curator. I considered a curator somebody who organizes an event in relation to visual arts, usually at an institution or museum. But now, my viewpoint has broadened. Taking the word curate, while saying it out loud, it has a similar sound to create, just a different vowel and the placement of the r switches. Curator, is somebody who creates an artistic event and experience. Curating, to me, is the process of organizing an artistic endeavor, one that can be a collection of images, sounds, performances, whether from existing objects or arts or newly crafted. The whole development of curating begins with a theme or point of view. From there, the curator will cultivate the required materials, location, and process of events. As a performing artist, the difference between a performance/directing/writing and curating is the process in which it begins, from the bottom to the top. As well as it occurring as an event, incorporating other visual aesthetics or stimuli to round out the theme or point of view. The curator will then oversee the event, almost like the stage-manager in theater, but also holds the hat as director and writer.