Political engagement, to me, begins with the notion that one’s voice carries worth.  This can be part “Law of Attraction” and part “I’ve-got-something-to-say-so-you-better-listen-up,” but I think that without a belief that one’s voice holds at least some value, that political engagement is tough.  I think this because I see political engagement not only as an awareness of political climate, goings-on, and history, but the actions instigated by a sense of awareness.  Political engagement is knowing personal and community values and where policies and law stand in relativity to one’s belief systems.  It is an acknowledgement that our system is broken and that participation in it is our only choice if we are going to change it.  This can, to me, include choosing not to act, if it is in the name of resistance or in correspondence to political action… perhaps the most important part of this to me is simply acting off of knowledge.