I wrote a short story some years ago about a dad and his two children (I won’t get into the details of the story) and the dad in it was a curator, mentioning that his job both in and out of the house was to take care; of things, of people, of art.  I think the role of a curator has maybe been manipulated a bit from my definition of it in the face of capitalism, but I think of a curator as a mix of a caretaker and an ethnographer.  A curator looks for themes and patters, and connects the dots between them to find larger messages that can transcend from collections.  I think where I see this definition distorted is that in a lot of mainstream settings, this curatorial process has expressed care to certain people over others, creating collections and larger messages that exploit others.  I think care, in the process of curatorial work, needs to be given to the population being represented by the work.