By Rebecca

Documenting – Of course from the basic definition, documenting refers to the recording of information, whether it is written, taped, or filmed. But more in-depth, I believe it refers to the on-going accounts of information, inspiration, facts, or thought-process. Not all documents have to be archives, some can be in-motion, always changing, but allows us to see the whole process of the creation. Whether it is in legal form, or the creative documenting. As a director, I “document” my process, including sketches of potential set designs, composition, character arcs, developments, motivations, and symbolisms. The process is always changing, but I never delete it. The documenting process allows ideas to flow from one to another, as the first idea may not be the right one, but the documenting process allows us to free our minds to jump from A to B to Z. It also is a tool for us to look back on, see how if the documenting process to see if it is time sensitive, a piece of history, or can it still be applied to day. The purpose of documenting is to log our process, histories, facts, and opinions.