Amelia G. Ellis

  1. What is your relationship to a subject or issue? (What prevents you from having a relationship with a subject or issue?)
  2. What baggage is getting in the way of your creativity? (Can this baggage be incorporated?)
  3. What is your creative archive, or rather, what research is commonly drawn upon in order to create a work? (How can you take a step beyond what you already know?)
  4. What insecurities get in the way of your creative pursuits? (How can you work around these insecurities in your art?; Should you reveal personal insecurities through art?)
  5. What is the best way to labor over a tradition? (What traditions are worth laboring over?)
  6. What soapbox are you trying to create? (Do you always have to stand on it in your art?; Should you allow yourself the pleasure of hypocrisy and contradiction in your work?)
  7. Who made your practice private? (How do you venture out of the house again?)
  8. Where is your money? (Do you need to make money to be considered a successful artist?)
  9. How could you play the system to incite a riot with your art? (You don’t need permission to incite. Should you incite a riot with your art?)
  10. Is it wrong to want to deface authority by coloring their windows red? (How can you jumble authority without resorting to vandalism or other forms of delinquency?; Do you care at this point what authority your art wishes to destroy or rip up?)
  11. How do you find the confidence and energy to create your own gallery space? (To whom should you go when support is needed?)
  12. Can a Pegasus intercede on the behalf of a community? (Only if its hooves touch ground.)
  13. What music do you listen to when you create? (What music do you create when you’re creating?)
  14. What is the point in making art? (Why not make art?)
  15. How do you control the reactionary nature of an artistic urge in order to develop it? (How do harness that creative adrenaline for future use in your process?)