Hey, I’ve got some questions!:

  1. If you could shout one thing into the world at this moment, what would it be?
  2. Why aren’t you shouting?
  3. What are questions that you are currently trying to solve?
  4. Are there any questions that you think about knowing they don’t have a definitive answer?
  5. What is at the foundation of the strongest relationships around you right now?
  6. What are the values that guide your life?
  7. What are the values represented most saliently in your everyday actions?
  8. Are those values the same? Why or why not?
  9. What role do animals have in your everyday thinking?
  10. What value does land carry?
  11. What images get your heart beating faster?
  12. Describe yourself. Make a list of inanimate objects that could also be described using similar terms.
  13. What is blocking you from meeting your definitions of success?
  14. Where is your body holding tension right now?
  15. What is the history of that tension?
  16. Who has inspired your work?
  17. What objects hold significance to you?
  18. Describe those objects. What people fit similar descriptions?
  19. When you hear “non-human,” what do you think of?
  20. What does home smell like to you?
  21. What does school taste like to you?
  22. How does your body want to move when nobody is watching?
  23. What is a lesson you will never forget?
  24. Who makes you feel good about yourself?
  25. What shapes appeal to you?
  26. Which of your senses do you engage with the most?
  27. How do you like to use your time when you are alone?
  28. What is a great adventure you have been on?
  29. What world issues produce the greatest visceral response in you?
  30. What do you consider your greatest strengths?
  31. How can you apply those to building possibility around world issues?
  32. How do you define love?
  33. How do you resist?