Documentation and Curatorial Practice – Friday, February 24th

Guest: Geert, Stella, and Xristos from Milena Project

In class: shared family recipes and documentation (on wordpress)

Readings: George Perec, Species of Spaces and Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust (Chapter 2)

Facilitator: Luisa

Documenters: Yousra and Tyler

  • Theory – scary? shared language? the objective?
  • Circularity of questioning // free association
  • “To speak is never neutral”
  • Silence à not the absence of noise, seeking to understand the situation
    • A paradoxical lens for viewing a city
  • Silent talking, slow walking
    • Walking together in silence; being together without doing something
  • Fluid ways of being à “Traveling is a part of my artistic practice”
  • Wandering à non-hiearchical, fluid
  • What is our responsibility to place?
  • Filoxenia à friend stranger à hospitality
  • Understanding differences à a point of departure
  • Not avoiding conflict but thinking beyond conflict
    • Beyond language, beyond differences
  • Bridging estrangement, finding rhythm, minding layers, managing awkward
  • Opportunities for interaction and change
  • Intimacy in curves, sacred in urban
  • Kinetic memory of space
  • Care as transformative
  • How to interpret stillness?
  • “Who can afford to walk?”