Within the project, I liked the idea of “positive creative presence.” The Public art projects use of experience as a fuel to engage the artists and audience as a broader dialogue in a local-national context seems like a symbiotic approach to contemporary art. Symbiotic in that the project seems to be attached to a community that is struggling in some capacity, all interaction points are under the persuasion that there must be something missing, wrong, or wounded in the community.  I wonder how the artwork changes with the betterment of the community situated within the Project Row Houses as the project continues and evolves. The programs for education and social security nets are doing good so far in guiding and supporting the community towards resources and greater opportunity. I truly hope that the faculties that are channeling the creative, learning energy are effective solutions towards affordable housing, stronger communities, and better future generations. At my most critical, I worry that the project functions imperialistically, as a function of creatic a mimicry of a well-functioning community by the standards of those who are in the dominant hegemony that refuses to allow the community to be fully equal or as good as the communities in higher-income area as Homi Bhabha writes in his work. I am reluctant to even make such a criticism toward a program that works to end gentrification of an area while bettering the community and remains sustainable and efficient at doing so.
The politics of the community and functioning economy of how to live within the community and participate while remaining self-sufficient and progressed focused are confounding to me. What power structures are at play within PRH? How are power structures averted or used creatively to better a community? I love the outreach of art, education, sustainability, and the importance of place/home– How does that system come to be integrated, in a non-imposing way, and come to function as a muscle of a community? I want to know more about what constitutes as a community and what aspects of a community need be exercised or exorcised (Word are tricky like that). Who, at the end of the day, is deciding what is ultimately good for the community at the starting point of the project? Communityas a concept is more than resources and facilities, it is a strong thing made between people; I would like to know where the seed of community is planted, and who plants it, and how they grow the neighborhood.