Thinking about words:

    • filonexia:
      • hospitality
      • filo-: friend (home), -nexia: stranger (familiarization)
    • Silence:
      • A paradoxical lens for viewing the city
      • Silence is the clearing of one’s mind while seeking to understand when we are in urgent need of answers.
      • Silence does not mean the absence of sound. 
  • Key elements of walking in silence are performativity and openness
  • Polis/city (place):
    • place is book to be shared
    • spacial awareness
    • getting lost as a state of mind
    • walk together in silence

New questions raised:

    • Who can afford to walk?
    • How do you not let go, but not exclude?
    • What are the risks of silence in the urban environment?
    • What is the difference between being silent and keeping silent?

Some things that were said:

“Get out of this group and find a new one”

“reading the moment”