Curation is the process of facilitating and creating a meeting ground of ideas, concepts, and artists around place or space ( both physical and otherwise). Thus, curation is placing things in dialogue with each other, and refiguring elements of social, political, aesthetic, and phenomenological into different kinds of conversation. Ideally, curation works outside of power hierarchies and places the audience and the art at an equilibrium to translate the message clearly to the audience members who will then go on to translate the ideas into different forms of dialogue that will spark a reconfiguration of meaning in the art as the work matures.



Documentation is the act of continuing conversations and dialogues of an experience. The actualization of ideas through mediated communication to translate experiences of the personal into experiences of the local and global. Documentation is then a power signal boost of an intuition or moment that invites others to participate. The constructions of documentation capture the world in a decisive perspective of the individual who can then advance ideas and concepts past the limitations of medium.


Political Engagement:

Political engagement is acting according to the understanding that there are power structures, constructs, and systems that are inescapable and inherent in consuming, thinking, and creating art, and by extension living in this world. Political engagement is then an active participation in the decisions made when having a conversation of multiple perspectives.